Zach Gilden

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My name is Zach Gilden and I am currently a 9th grader. This is my second year of robotics with the Gear Freaks. I joined robotics because computers have always been interesting to me and I love to put things together. Shortly after building my own robot I got interested in joining a team because my friend Ian Cumming told me about the FTC community. My friends and I love computers and gaming which also inspired me to do robotics.

I am a straight A student and excel in both Math and Science. I do well in ELA and Social Studies but I just don’t care for the subjects as much. I dislike ELA because you have to apply practiced writing skills, whereas, in Math, you just have to know the algorithms and apply the various factors.

I am very involved with scouting and serving my community.   I hope to finish my Eagle Scout project to benefit my local humane society this year.
When I grow up I want to be a mechanical engineer. I want to be a engineer because I’ve always liked computers, technology and trying to solve problems.  Math and Science have always interested me because they are logical and fun to learn about.