Charles Burometto

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My name is Charles Burometto and I am in 8th grade. I have done Lego Mindstorms for 1 year and FTC for 1 year. The first time I did robotics was in tech-ed in the 6th grade. I’d say I was first really interested in robotics when I went to two weeks of camp doing Lego Mindstorms. I’ve always been interested in doing technical things, and robotics appealed to me. I prefer doing the programming over building because I like having to think logically.At school, I maintain straight A’s. Math, STEM, and science are my favorite subjects because they are usually straight forward and a fact is a fact. In subjects like ELA, knowing all the facts isn’t enough.

When I grow up I want be a programmer. After doing robotics and teaching my self some other programming, I have found that I am interested in coding.

A bit more of programming experience I have is programming calculators and Java. On the scientific calculators, we have for math it is possible to program games on them. I have programmed a simple game called snake. On Java, which is a text based language, I have made a program which functions like a clock.

I ended up on this team because Alex and I both wanted to do robotics, and be on the same team, and 4991 was a team close to us, so we were able to both be on the team as programmers.