Andrew Baker

My name is Andrew Baker, from Team 4991, Gear Freaks. I currently attend Westminster Middle School in the 7th Grade. This is my first year in First Tech Challenge, although I have  had 1 prior year of experience in First Lego League. I am currently a builder on the team, which include activities such as building the bulk of the competition robot and the claw mechanism that goes with it. I was even part of the group that built a portion of the robot that was originally meant for programmers to test code on, but was scrapped due to limited parts and other factors.

When I am not bulding awesome competing robots, I enjoy relaxing at home with TV, studying the engineering of the world’s fastest cars, and listening to and playing music. I plan to go to Westminster High School, then to an undetermined college, possibly MIT, and then attempt to kickstart my career as a robotics engineer, a pro/NASCAR/Formula 1 race driver, or a lead guitarist and singer in a band, playing music similar to Green Day and Nirvana.