Engineering Notebook – 02/09/2019


Cameron, Drew, Charles



  • Get bucket working
  • Fix XRail slipping

Meeting Notes Charles

  • We decided that to stop the XRail slipping we would attach a hub to the large gear so we can get a zip tie around the 2 gears that slip.
  • We took the XRail out of the robot to allow easier work.
  • We attached a hub to the gear using a modified Allen wrench that was shortened using a Dremmel to fit in the c channel.
  • We put a small gear on the other side of the hub to prevent the zip tie from falling off. When we put it where it should go, we realized that the small gear was touching a large gear, which would lock it up.
  • We took the small gear off and replaced it with another hub. A large gear would be in the way of the zip tie falling off.
  • When we tried to get 2 silver minerals with the bucket, they would get stuck. We decided to make a new bucket 5.5 inches tall (2* diameter of sphere) and only 4 inches long. The top would be open for the balls to go out.
  • We drew the net of the new bucket, cut it, and taped it. A piece of plastic was made that held the bucket together and showed where holes had to be made. We put 2 holes in the bucket, but since only every other hole had threads on the servo horn, we had to make 2 more for better alignment. We tested the bucket and it worked well. We will have to program new positions next meeting.


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