Engineering Notebook – 02/08/2019


Charles, Drew, Alex, Cameron



  • Finish bucket and attach it to the robot
  • Fix worm gear on linear lift
  • Make prototype for the x rail worm gear
  • Get the X-rail to extend and retract

Meeting Notes Charles

  • Charles cut out the bucket, folded it, then taped it. We had to make some adjustments, such as leaving 1/8th inch out of the cutme for one of the segments, so the one adjacent to it would have something to be supported by.
  • We cut 4 holes in the bucket and attached it to the servo. One of the screws wasn’t going in, so we tried putting another screw into the servo horn, but it also didn’t work. When we tried another hole, it worked, so we used all holes except that one.
  • One of the stages of XRail wasn’t coming in when we tried to bring it in. When we looked at the surgical tubing, it wasn’t attached to the other stage, it was in the middle of the XRail. We tied a string to the surgical tubing and fed it through. It contracted well after that.
  • When we tested the new bucket, the robot wasn’t driving correctly. We saw that the mechanum wheels didn’t make an x. After that was changed, it worked well.
  • The XRail was falling more than usual because a lot of bolts it used for support were loose. We tightened those.

Meeting Notes Alex

  • Built a prototype of the mechanism that will be used to make the x-rail move more efficiently.
  • Made a program that would make the mechanism designed work.

Meeting Notes Cameron

  • I reverse-engineered a mechanism that used a worm gear to extend C-channels, to build another system that extended and retracted multiple C-channels.
  • I had to move a bracing C-channel and reposition an axle to rotate the C-channels properly.

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