Engineering Notebook – 02/07/2019





  • Make prototype for work gear turning x rail

Meeting Notes Charles

  • It was decided that it would be better to have a worm gear rotate the x rail because it is stronger, smaller, and faster.
  • The worm gear system was made and the x rail was attached to it. When it was tested, the XRail fell down. The problem was a loose set screw. After it was tightened, it worked well. On the actual robot, there will be many hubs to avoid this problem.
  • It was decided that the bucket should use rubber bands closer together than the diameter of the spheres, so the spheres will squeeze through the rubber bands, then sit on top of them since they are light. We will be by the silver side of the lander, so it will be fast. The net for the bucket was made, but not cut yet. That will be a goal for tomorrow.

Meeting Notes Cameron

  • I connected an axle to the servo’s hub and a U-bracket on to the X-rail.
  • I attached an axle through the bucket to rotate it.

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