Engineering Notebook – 02/04/2019


Alex, Cameron, Zach, Drew



  • Finish assembling the full field
  • Discuss and attempt to solve the problems with the robot
  • Attempt to fix the autonomous program
  • Investigate different ways to make the linear lift go faster
  • Increase the efficiency of the robots driving skills by replacing the mecanum wheels

Meeting Notes Alex

  • We finished building the full field.


  • We started to work on the autonomous program as the robot was not unhooking from the latch.
  • We raised the linear lift by a bit and found that that worked. We need to measure the distance and change the autonomous program.
  • We noticed that the meccanum wheels were digging into the mat.
  • We then swapped the meccanum wheels and ran the program again.
  • The meccanum wheels were still digging into the mat.


Meeting Notes Zach

  • I started creating a new linear lift that used a worm gear instead of rack and pinion.

Meeting Notes Cameron

  • I removed and replaced hubs on old mecanum Wheels.
  • I added a new motor hubs to the new gray mecanum wheels.
  • I added the new mecanum wheels to the robot.



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