Engineering Notebook – 01/16/2019


Alex, Charles, Zach



  • Practice driving
  • Add end pieces back on XRail
  • Program new smart servo
  • Fix linear lift slipping

Meeting Notes Charles

  • We found many loose bolts, especially on gears, that we tightened.
  • Since our old smart servo was broken, we attached a new one and programmed it. Once it was attached, we put the bucket back on.
  • The linear lift was slipping, so we tightened the gears in it’s system. This didn’t help it though. When we held the pinion, it didn’t slip. We will put on a new pinion next meeting.
  • We practiced driving. Two techniques that are helpful are:
    • Extending XRail partway, then extending and rotating it at the same time to save time and remove the need to dump the bucket.
    • Strafing and turning at the same time to curve around the lander.

  • We added a piece of cardboard on the end of the bucket to extend the range of it, but it only folded over and got in the way.


Meeting Notes Alex

  • We replaced the broken plastic tabs in the X-rail system
  • We replaced the old rev servo motor that was stuck
  • We reprogrammed the new rev servo
  • We attached the bucket and wires  and tested the robot
  • We practiced driving the found the gears were slipping
  • We found loose bolts and tightened them.
  • The lift mechanism is not lifting the robot and we plan to change the pinion which is slipping at the next meeting

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