Engineering Notebook – 01/13/2019


Zach, Charles



  • Finish autonomous programs
  • Practice driving
  • Fix bucket to be more sturdy
  • Wrap 2 gears controlling x-rail with a zip tie to hold them together
  • Put cardboard on spool so string doesn’t escape

Meeting Notes

  • Charles made an autonomous program to go from the gold side to the depot, deposit the team marker, and drive to the crater. Later, it was copied and changed to one that just does the depot.
  • Zach cut a piece of plexiglass to place along the side of the bucket with the servo so the bucket doesn’t bend or wobble.
  • We put a zip tie around 2 gears that often skip and control the x-rail. This helped a lot in moving the x-rail up and down.
  • We put a piece of cardboard on the spool so that the string doesn’t fall off of it.
  • We practiced driving. On average we took 30-35 seconds to get 2 minerals which is down from 40 at last meeting. While trying to lift up, we found that the gears slipped. Next meeting we will have to solve this. It was found that while holding the motor, the gears didn’t slip.

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