Engineering Notebook – 01/10/2019


Zach, Cameron, Drew



  • Learn robot controls
  • Practice driving
  • Practice using competition rules and time
  • Program autonomous codes for the robot coming off the lander

Meeting Notes Drew

  • Practice driving Fixed issue where sting for the X-Rail continually came off the spool, so we replaced the new spool with the old wider spool, and this fixed the problem
  • Practiced driving
  • Figured out that we would start tele-op with the lift in the up position due to the nature of our autonomous program, so we put it up for driving sessions and it saved us around 5 seconds, which could allow us to get another few points through the lander
  • Began getting a consistent 60 tele-op points and figured that we would get around 40-50 points for autonomous.


Meeting Notes Cameron

  • Alex and Charles:
    • We added a ”run to position” code so the robot would reset itself and it’s encoders so it could back up the correct amount.
      • Changed the program so it would skip strafing because a second u-bolt was added to make the process getting off the lander easier.
      • Added a reverse statement to the code so the string on the x-rail would not rub against the C-Channel.
      • Made the strafe distance 1225.3 so it strafes 32in.
      • Made the robot backup 5 inches towards the crater and stop and reset and encoders and set made to run to position.
      • Made the robot turn 45 degrees clockwise by setting left Target position to 1120 / 2, the right target position was -1120 / 2.
      • Updated the program to reset encoders at the start of every case and added Motive Power as needed.
  • Zach:
    • Zach moved the string to the other side of the standoff.
  • Zach and Charles:
    • Zack and Charles attach new surgical tubing fingers on to the mineral collector.
  • Drew and Zach:
    • Drew and Zack attach you both to holster the robot and keep it low.
  • Drew, Cameron, Charles, Zach:
    • Drew, Charles, Alex, and Cameron practiced driving and picking up and depositing minerals.

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