2019 Outreach

Groovy Science Night – Eldersburg Elementary – 02/22/2019

We introduce robotic concepts and specifically FIRST robotics to younger grade students and to the general public. We teamed up with FRC team 2199 Robo-Lions and gave a live robot demonstration. We bought a demo robot this year as we are still working on improving our competition robot for the MD/DC FIRST Tech Challenge Championship. We find that the best method is hands-on experience, which is why we strive to let as many people as possible drive our robot, explore its inside, etc. all while maintaining a safe environment.


Roar of the Robots – Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary – 02/02/2019

The event was a qualifying tournament for the statewide For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) LEGO League (FLL). This year, the young tech mavens considered the problems of long-term space exploration with the theme “Into Orbit.”

Thirteen local teams came for the afternoon’s main competition event, 11 of them from in the county. More than 100 students in grades four to eight have been working on the creation of their robots since September.

The competition is hosted and planned by local nonprofit group Partnership and Inspiration for Engineering Education and Entrepreneurship (PIE3) an arm of the Robo-Lions based in Finksburg, a FIRST robotics competition team.

The program’s mission is STEM education and cooperation, and making sure the opportunity to learn those skills is open to everyone no matter their socioeconomic or cultural background, said Rose Young, lead mentor at FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 2199 Robo-Lions and director at PIE3.