Engineering Notebook – 10/18/2018


Alex, Cameron, Charles, Drew




  • Attach mineral collector bucket to arm, perfect hook used to hold on to
    cargo hold, and assemble frame.

Meeting Notes

  • Cameron and Charles
    • Finished building bucket. They got Alex to program a test program for their and tested it with A to take in minerals, b to stop, and x to push them out. After seeing that it worked, attached it to the arm and discussed ways to put it on robot.


  • Alex and Drew
    • Built the frame, which was an o frame with 2 bars going across the robot parallel to each other and the length wise way.


  • All
    • When we got together to discuss how the arm will go on the robot, we realized that for the arm to fit within 18” lengthwise and 18” tall, we would have to change the 2 bars going through the middle to be raised up about 3” to allow the arm to rotate with the center of it being on the two c-channels, but not hit the ground, or go above 18”.



  • Charles and Cameron
    • Built the 2 new bars going across that are raised 3”


  •  Alex and Drew
    • Tightened Bolts on robot.


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