Engineering Notebook – 01/12/18


Alex, Drew, Zach, Danielle




  • Attach color sensor and arms


  • Review codes for errors
  • Fine tune autonomous program

Meeting Notes


  • Reviewed code for errors
  • Worked to fix an autonomous problem where the lift wouldn’t raise
  • Autonomous code that just went straight wouldn’t raise the lift but otherwise worked (two statements run to position and reset coder was switched. Worked after the fix.)
  • Copied the program and added a 90-degree turn for the autonomous code that required a turn to fully complete its function
  • The code couldn’t turn (reversed wheels failed) (created two new variables drive distance right and drive distance left)
  • In order to make the turn, perfect coders had to change variable left turn to 2520


  • Attached the arm connected to a servo and color sensor that knocks off jewels to the robot
  • Couldn’t connect the sensor to the robot because the wire was too short
  • On our experimental robot, we reconfigured electronics so we could fit on an arm and a dc motor (extra activity for outreach)



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