Engineering Notebook – 01/10/18


Alex, Zach, Drew, Danielle, Charles




  • Create and attach a prototype of an arm mechanism to knock over the jewels in autonomous mode


  • Create an early prototype of the autonomous program

Meeting Notes


  • Reviewed example code, copied all needed code on to the prototype program
  • Finished and tested the program
  • Charles’s Code
    • Robot went in the opposite direction
    • Researched the ticks, a measurement of gear rotation, in one rotation of the gear and found that the correct number was 1680 and not 420
    • Substituted the new value in the code
    • Retested robot and it travelled the correct distance
    • Added a feature where the linear lift would go up to avoid field damage upon leaving the balance board
    • Added a feature where the claw would go down after
  • Alex’s Code
    • Linear lift would not go up
    • Re-downloaded the program and the program worked


  • Began building an arm to knock over jewel based on four criteria
    • Lift must go up and down
    • Must support a color sensor
    • Must be long enough to knock over the jewel
    • Must be attached to robot
  • Met all the above criteria except for attaching it, which is partway done

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