Engineering Notebook – 01/05/18


Charles, Alex, Danielle




  • Create an autonomous program
  • Build a demo robot

Meeting Notes


  • Created a demo robot for demonstrations in case we have visitors
    • Steps to build the demo robot:
      • We created an O-frame to put all the components of the robot on
      • We then found motor controllers and Neverrest 60 motors to put on the robot to allow it to drive
      • After finding the motors and motor controllers we hooked up all the electronics (Motors, Motor Controllers, Core Power Distribution Relay, etc.)
      • We then created and downloaded a very simple code for the robot in order to see if it would drive



  • Finished creating an autonomous program for the blue alliance side (but it had some issues at first)
    • At first the robot at first went backwards
    • The robot did not go as far as we hoped
      • Before we could fix these problems, we ran out of time


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