Engineering Notebook – 12/13/17


Alex, Zach, Danielle, Charles




  • Drive robot and fix occurring problems
  • Work on strategy

Meeting Notes

  • Problems found:
    • Strafing did not work
    • Claw would not pick up blocks
    • Linear lift would not go up because lift’s rack was loose
  • Solutions:
    • Tightened the meccanum wheels
      • That did not fix the problem, but we figured out it might be a problem with the weight distribution
    • Reshaped the metal claw support therefore reshaping the claw
    • Tightened the rack on the linear lift
  • Strategy:
    • Figured out that we should get 3-4 blocks and when 20 seconds are left in the match we should attempt to get on the balancing pad for 20 points


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