Engineering Notebook – 12/09/17


Charles, Alex, Drew, Zach




  • Practice driving

Meeting Notes

  • Both groups took turns driving and working on a strategy. The main strategy is to go for a row of cubes and then drive on the balancing pad. The row gives 10 points, each cube gives 2 points, 2 times 3 is 6. 10 for the row, plus 6 for the cubes, plus 20 for the balancing pad equals 36 points.
  • The goal is to be able to get 2 rows of cubes because that will give a total of 52 points. The best we have gotten is 2 blocks in the second row.
  • We also talked about alliance groups. We want an alliance partner that can do the relic because we are not able to do that. We would be able to have an alliance partner on either balance pad because we do not have to worry about our  autonomous program start position.


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