Engineering Notebook – 10/26/17


Charles, Alex, Drew, Zach, Danielle




  • Attach linear lift


  • Review codes for linear lift
  • Discuss possible controls for the linear lift

Meeting Notes


  • Thought about the elements of code before applying
  • Added Boolean (true or false code that dictates what happens if true, code is used. False the code is not used) to dictate up and down motion on the linear lift
  • Started “A” button (on controller) one level down (6″)
  • Started “Y” button (on controller) one level up (6″)
  • Worked on claw prototype (16″ to 11 ¼”)


  • Worked on linear lift prototype (16″ to 11 ¼” height)
  • Decided to move out wheels ½” each from the sides


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