Engineering Notebook – 10/19/17


Alex, Zach, Drew, Danielle, Charles




  • Downsize the example “claw” mechanism to better fit the cryptobox blocks
  • Work on driving test bot
  • Mount wiring and distribution modules onto the competition robot

Meeting Notes

  • Split into 3 groups
    • Claw group
    • Test bot group
    • Wiring/Distribution group
  • Claw group [Zach, Drew]
    • Started to downsize the claw mechanism
    • Worked on creating a new “hand” for the claw to gain better grip on the blocks
  • Test bot group [Alex, Charles]
    • Attached vertical supports to the test bot
    • Attached wheels
    • Attached motors
    • Put the wheels on a direct gear contact setup instead of chains like the competition robot
  • Wiring/Distribution group [Danielle]
    • Mounted wiring on the competition robot
    • Attached wiring from the wheels to the distribution module

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