Engineering Notebook – 09/15/17


Olivia, Charles, Chris, Alex, Drew, Danielle, Zach




  • Review game
  • Discuss scoring options
  • Prioritize goals for the robot
  • Go over sessions from the kick-off
  • Preliminary design of the robot

Meeting Notes

    • Watched the Relic Recovery release video, so that those who were unable to attend the kick-off could see it.
    • Made a list of all possible ways to score points
Autonomous Points Tele-Op Points End Game Points
Knock other alliance’s jewel from the platform 30 Points Glyph in the cryptobox 2 Points Relic in the closest zone 10 Points
Place glyph in cryptbox 15 Points Complete row in cypherbox 10 Points Relic in middle zone 20 Points
Bonus if glyph is in correct column 30 Points Complete column in cypherbox 20 Points Relic in far zone 40 Points
Parked in the safe zone 10 Points Cypherbox Pattern 30 Points Bonus for upright relic 15 Points
On balancing stone 20 Points
  • Decided to focus on a simple robot that can pick up and stack the glyph’s and practice driving, as that was very important in this game. We also wanted to ensure that the robot was well balanced and try and get an autonomous program working.
  • Team members that attended the kick-off sessions discussed what they had learned.
  • Discussed judging structure and awards that could be earned from the judging. Everyone agreed that judging was the most stressful part of the competition.
  • Discussed different ways to pick up and move the glyph.
  • Team is looking forward to mechanum wheel chassis with some form of a linear lift and a claw to lift the blocks.
  • Pro’s and con’s of some ideas listed below.
      • Mechanum Wheels
    Pros Cons
    Can go any direction Smaller, may not get onto balancing stone
    Move maneuverable Need 4 motors
      • Regular 5″ Wheels
    Pros Cons
    Can get onto balancing stone Less maneuverable
    Only need 2 motors
      • Claw
    Pros Cons
    Easy to operate Gap between cube and walls of cryptobox is very small
    Grabs onto only the edges Cube may turn
      • Shovel
    Pros Cons
    Can’t get out easily

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