Engineering Notebook – 01/25/15


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Joey, Spencer, Brianna, Mikayla



  • Focus on the engineer’s notebook.
  • Fix the linear slide.
  • Wiring.

Meeting Notes

  • Finished a lot with the engineer’s notebook.
  • Finished a lot with publicizing.
  • Tyler and Joey adjusted the placement of the linear slide after many attempts.
  • Jacob made an autonomous and tested and changed it Many times.
  • Mikayla took the old tele-op program and remolded new program to suit our new strategy.
  • Reflections:
    • Danielle and Brianna got a lot done with the Engineer’s notebook and PR.
    • Jacob and Mikayla got a lot done with autonomous.
    • Jacob and Mikayla didn’t rip each other’s throats out (surprise, surprise)
    • Tyler and Joey messed up a lot.
    • Tyler is a good pick-pocketer.
    • Spencer’s little brother is adorable! (but don’t tell him)
  • Next Time:
    • Practice linear slide in tele-op.
    • Work out bugs with software.

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