Engineering Notebook – 01/23/15


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Joey, Spencer, Brianna, Mikayla



  • Wire the linear slide.
  • Start attaching it to the robot.
  • Start to practice how to control the linear slide.

Meeting Notes

  • Worked on a prototype for the linear slide.
  • We got the bucket on the linear slide so the balls don’t slide out.
  • We extended the bucket to fit 5 balls.
  • Took apart the robot.
  • Switch the position of the wheels.
  • Reflections:
    • The linear slide is defiantly better than the scissor lift
    • When we took apart the scissor lift we discovered that a big problem with it was that one of the gliders was very loose, so if we had looked at it more carefully, wo could have fixed it and it might have worked.
    • Jacob makes good cake.
    • We decided to go with the linear slide because since the qualifier is canceled, that the linear slide would increase our ability to pick up balls and score more points in the matches.
  • Next Time:
    • Fix linear slide.
    • Put the linear slide on the robot.