Engineering Notebook – 01/19/15


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Joey, Spencer, Mikayla, Brianna



  • Adjust wheels.
  • Review robot, makes sure the robot is working properly
  • Strategy
  • South Carroll
  • Plan for Saturday.
  • Skirt

Meeting Notes

  • Get small goal up the ramp and medium by the ramp, if we have the time we can get balls in the medium goal. By end game we must start getting the medium goal up the ramp.
  • Get the all the goals and put them a triangular potion with medium on the right side, tall in the center, and small on the left. Once they  are in potion then we can push them up. If our alliance teams can reach the medium goal then they could reach the small goal on the ramp and score.
  • Bring up the small and medium goal at the same time then stay on the ramp.
  • *Note: These strategies are just an outline or an idea of what we could do. Final strategies will be made with the current mentor and driver of that round and.*
  • Reflections:
    • If we bring all three goals up at once, we need to make sure that the goal on the left side is on two hooks.
    • Brianna wants to know why we are going to bring three goals up when we already decided two was too risky.
  • Competition:
Mentor Driver 1 Driver 2
Mikayla Tyler Dannie
Jacob Joey Brianna
Dannie Spencer Jacob
Brianna Tyler Spencer
Mikayla Joey Jacob
  • Finished Scouting check list.
  • Replaced racks.
  • Bent skirt to prevent scraping.
  • Established the drivers and mentors for Saturdav.
  • Made more strategies.
  • Fixed gear ratio.
  • Next Time:
    • Practice Autonomous