Engineering Notebook – 01/13/15


Brianna, Mikayla, Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Joey, Spencer



  • Discuss Qualifier

Meeting Notes

  • Things that went wrong:
    • 2 goals on ramp.
    • Balls under robot.
    • Wheels slipped.
    • Engineering notebook.
    • Scouting checklist.
    • Scouting plan.
    • Following strategy.
    • Dropping balls into goals.
  • New Strategy:
    • Get small goal up the ramp and medium by the ramp, if we have the time we can get balls in the medium goal. By end game we must start getting the medium goal up the ramp.
  • Things we need to fix:
    • Scouting
    • Engineer Journal
    • Wheels
    • Tape on the C channel.
    • Change speed.
    • Change autonomous
      • Gear ratios
      • 1:2: more torque, less speed
      • 1:1: same torque, same speed
      • 2:l: more speed, less torque


  • Next Time:
    • Swap wheels
    • Test them
    • Skirt

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