Engineering Notebook – 01/03/15


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Mikayla, Joey, Briana, Spencer



  • Test out new wheels.
  • Tighten wheels.
  • Transfer programs to a flash drive.
  • Replace rack for scissor lilt.
  • Test autonomous.
  • Skirt Ideas
    • Front and back skirts at least.
    • Maybe sides.
    • Made from scrap metal.
    • Back : 1 7/8 by 14 inches

Meeting Notes

  • Spencer and Danielle replaced rack and pinion.
  • Jacob helped Mikayla test her autonomous programs.
  • Mikayla tested her autonomous programs.
  • Danielle and Mikayla tested new wheels. Spencer assisted them in this process
  • Joey and Tyler replaced sweeper.
  • Joey and Tyler tightened wheels.
  • Joey, Tyler, and Danielle made the front skirt and measured the back.
  • Brianna assisted others in completing their jobs and recorded what we did for the journal.
  • Reflections:
    • For once we actually got a lot done. what a surprise!
  • Next Time:
    • Back skirt.
    • Go to South Carroll.


  • Joey and Tyler working on the wheels.


  • Brianna and Spencer replacing the racks and pinions


  • Danielle, Spencer and Mikayla putting on the new wheels on the test robot to test it.