Engineering Notebook – 12/18/14


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Mikayla, Joey, Brianna



  • Change tape to shelf liner.
  • Skirt.

Meeting Notes

  • Mikayla completed both programs for ramp to pole and box to goal.
  • Danielle thought about how to adjusting the servo.
  • Jacob finished the ramp to goal program.
  • Joey and Tyler put the shelf liner on two of the wheels. Then tested it and decided to put it on four.
  • Joey and Tyler measured for the skirt and that we are going to use scrap metal for the skirt.
  • Brianna assisted Joey and Tyler with the wheels and recorded what we did for the journal.
  • Reflections:
    • Brianna should not cut shelf liner or design bracelets
    • Her sole job for building is a gofer (go fer it)
    • Jacobs program worked very well
    • Hot glue hurts (who knew?)
  • Next Time:
    • Go to South Carroll and practice.

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