Engineering Notebook – 12/14/14


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Mikayla, Joey, Spencer, Brianna



  • Discuss the qualifier.
  • Critique ourselves and others.
  • Review the point system.

Meeting Notes

  • Issues to consider for next cornpetition:
    • Balls getting under the robot.
    • Scissor lift clicking.
    • Sweeper gears.
    • Latch.
    • Wheels/ gears.
    • Backboard touching goals.
    • Sweeper tube plug missing.
    • Servo wire.
    • Bucket losing balls.
    • Balls on top of bucket.
    • NXT.
    • Wheels/ ramp.
  • What was done well?
    • Front wheel drive.
    • Structure of scissor lift.
    • Balls could get in the bucket.
    • Draw bridge.
    • Controllers.
  • What is most important to fix?
    • Balls under robot.
    • Latch.
    • Wheels/ ramp.

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