Engineering Notebook – 12/05/14


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Mikayla, Joey



  • Correct programming problem with sweeper
  • Create a solution so the balls do not get past the sweeper and stuck under the robot
  • Troubleshoot chain coming off of the sprocket of the ramp

Meeting Notes

  • Jacob corrected the programming issue with the sweeper so it goes forward and back smoothly
  • Cut a small piece of sign material to attach to the each side of the direction guides on either side of sweeper so the balls do not get past it.
  • The chain was coming off the sprocket because of the hole where the sprocket was attached to the bucket kept getting bigger with use after use, also the chain was slighting too large so we had to move the server motor around to tighten the chain.
  • So the hole would not get any larger we put a washer on the screw to help stabilize it so it would not move back and forth as much making the hole larger.
  • Problems:
    • Still concerned about the strain on the servo and the chain and sprocket for drawbridge
  • Next Time:
    • Add team number and plexiglass to sides
    • Make sure the robot was labeled
    • Go over the complete checklist
    • Review engineering notebook
    • Pack up everything needed for the competition