Engineering Notebook – 12/04/14


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle



  • Design a ball director so the balls would not bounce out of the goals.
  • Practice driving and picking up the balls with the sweeper.

Meeting Notes

  • Created a ball director out of cardboard and duck tape was too heavy and needed to change to a lighter material, used plastic from a light sign material with duck tape. Put it back on the bucket and tested
  • Drove and attempted to pick up balls and put them in goals.
  • Problems:
    • The chain keeps coming off sprocket
    • The sweeper goes forward well but does not go backward properly something in the program
    • Balls are getting under the robot and getting stuck by getting past the bucket
    • The scissor lift sways a lot and need to be very careful when lifting to get it past the frame and wiring
  • Next Time:
    • Work on troubleshooting problems