Engineering Notebook – 12/02/14


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Mikayla, Joey



  • Complete wiring of the robot
  • Design ramp for balls
  • Continue working on autonomous program

Meeting Notes

  • Joey and Jacob completed wiring the robot.
  • Mikayla worked on the autonomous program with Jacob to complete the program for the robot to come down the ramp and turn.
  • Tyler and Danielle worked on designing the ramp and prototyping with cardboard, also tried to use siding material, also decided to use a servo motor and chain to open and close the ramp floor.
  • Problems:
    • The ramp is too heavy using the siding material for the servo motor to handle. Will need to try to lessen the weight of the drawbridge. Need a lighter material.
  • Next Time:
    • Try a lighter material for ramp.