Engineering Notebook – 11/30/14


Jacob, Tyler, Danielle, Mikayla, Joey



  • Reattach bucket using threaded rods
  • Work on wire diagram
  • Work on autonomous program

Meeting Notes

  • Reattached bucket using threaded rods – went well just need to steady the center bucket with additional screws20180601_2213421.jpg
  • Completed wire diagram


  • Used smaller test robot to create an autonomous program that goes down the ramp and travels 3 feet then turn; left and travels an additional 2 feet.
  • Problems
    • Need to steady the bucket with additional screws
    • The autonomous program worked however the angle was not always consistent. Need to trouble shoot for speed and weight.
  • Next Time
    • Work on wiring the robot and start designing the ramp for the bucket, continue working on autonomous program