Engineering Notebook – 11/23/14


Jacob , Tyler , Danielle



  • Attach bucket
  • Complete building robot
  • Attach all controllers, NXT, battery, and Samantha module
  • Attach goal hook/servo
  • Ensure everything is ready to be wired
  • Choose Shirt design

Meeting Notes

  • Bucket attachment – tried to attach the bucket with long bolt and stand-off (was attached but not very sturdy
  • Complete building robot – Finished building main structure and frame20180601_2213311.jpg
  • Attached Controllers, NXT, battery, and Samantha module to the frame on both sides. On the right side we placed the Samantha module and 2 controllers. On the other side we put the battery, NXT, 2 more controllers
  • Robot is ready to be wired
  • Looked at 3 different designs for t-shirts, discussed having number on sleeve and names on back of shirts. Choose a design and t-shirt color, names on the back and number on the sleeve.
  • Problems:
    • Bucket – the bucket attachment is not sturdy enough so we discussed getting long threaded rods from Grainger to be able to use between the 2 scissor lifts to attach the bucket.
  • Next Time:
    • Work on wiring diagram for the robot and use the threaded rods to reattach the bucket.